Animation Store Creator

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Various Vizrt systems feature Animation Store transitions, providing full color overlays embedded in each transition, per-pixel A/B source selection at each point, realtime cloth dynamic effects, and slow-motion interpolation so the transition (and overlay) can be run at any speed and still look fabulous.

The included Animation Store Creator allows talented artists to easily author custom Animation Store transitions, using their own preferred graphics software tools to prepare the animation sequences displayed during the transition.

Some video systems provide a number of ‘animation stores’ to supply animated color overlays during transitions. Configuration can be a cumbersome multi-step operation. As well, since only a few effects are loaded at any time, users must juggle between these for different switcher effects. Conveniently, Vizrt’s Animation Store transitions support provides an effectively unlimited number of effects for every effects channel (including DSKs, Overlay channels, and the main Background Transition).

Vizrt’s Animation Store implementation makes setup almost unnecessary and switching less bothersome. In addition, Animation Store transitions support not just one but two embedded sound samples: one heard when flying on, and the other when flying off. But how do you create your own animation store transitions?

The included Animation Store Creator application allows you to easily author custom Animation Store transitions. You can use your preferred graphics software tools to prepare the animation sequence displayed during the transition, and then bring sounds and color together in a single easily applied transition using this tool.

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