Viz Arc Script Guide

Version 1.7 | Published November 15, 2022 ©

Script View

In Script View, you can write your own custom script in JavaScript language through Google's V8 or Microsoft's JScript (ECMAScript3) or in VBScript language, as in the following example:


It's possible to create custom forms and components, such as text boxes and buttons.


To run the script, select the Start button images/download/thumbnails/95400916/buttonstart.jpg on the top left of the window.


Form Design can be edited by selecting the UI button images/download/thumbnails/58341593/uicode_button.png . Every element can be selected and moved, aligned and distributed on the main form.

To go back to code editing, select the CODE button.


To edit a script, press the Stop button images/download/thumbnails/95400916/buttonstop.jpg on the top of the script main window.


Console logs and debugs are displayed in the CONSOLE pane.


Import code internally from the clipboard or an external text file in the script pane.


Use the Language menu to select a scripting language.

In edit mode, Script Callbacks can be selected from the list and added:


You can locate a custom function by selecting it from the Functions list:


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