Viz Multiplay User Guide

Version 3.0 | Published October 23, 2020 ©

Screens with Different Sizes and Resolutions

The Nvidia Mosaic setup only supports output to an X * Y matrix of screens with similar resolution. Nvidia also recommends that all the screens in a Mosaic video wall should be the same model. One GPU can provide four outputs. It's not recommended to add more GPUs to the computer.

Info: The recommended way of combining more screens, and/or different aspects and resolutions, is to use an external video wall display controller, like Datapath Fx4.

The principle is that the Viz Engine draws all its output on one big renderer space, where the different areas are defined by the size and position of the virtual channels. On the hardware side, the output from the GPU (either combined or not combined with Nvidia Mosaic) fed into one or more display controllers distributes the pixels to the physical screens.

The screen layout given in Datapath Fx4 controllers can be imported into Viz Multiplay to create Active Areas (snap points) for the GFX channels when designing walls.

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