Viz Multiplay User Guide

Version 3.0 | Published October 23, 2020 ©


How do I set up a video wall with screens with different aspects and resolutions?

The easiest way is to use an external video wall display controller like Datapath Fx4. These controllers accept up to 4K input and 4 outputs. With Nvidia Mosaic up to 4 outputs from the GPU can be combined and split up with Datapath Fx4 display controllers.

Does Viz Multiplay support clips with non broadcast format?

Videos in Viz Multiplay are limited to the broadcast formats and aspects supported by the clip channels in Viz Engine.

Can I assign GFX channels to different aspects?

If a GFX channel is only used to play out elements with a special aspect - like portrait images, it is possible to set the aspect for this channel. Then thumbnails and GFX channels in the Video Wall designer will respect this aspect. This will not affect playout in any way - only how the elements are displayed in the Multiplay GUI.

Do I need Viz Trio or Viz Pilot to set up Viz Multiplay?

If you are using Viz Multiplay for clips and images only, you can do without.

However Viz Trio or Viz Pilot is required if you need to import and play out graphics from a Viz Engine.

Can I use Viz Pilot instead of Viz Trio?


What is the technical limitation of playing HD clips?

The technical limitation of the number of channels is 16, depending on the video board. The performance when playing a number of clips is dependent of lot of different factors, like the hardware and the clip codecs and formats. Real life tests should always be conducted before going into production.

Does the playlist update after changes in the newsroom system rundown?

Yes. It is the Media Sequencer that communicates through the MOS protocol with the newsroom system (ENPS, iNews etc.). Any update is handled by the Media Sequencer, and the playlist in Viz Multiplay will automatically display the changes.

Can Viz Multiplay play out graphics created via Viz Pilot templates?

Yes. Create a Viz Pilot rundown with the graphics, images and videos you want to play out. The playlist will automatically be available in Viz Multiplay.

Can Viz Multiplay open a playlist from Viz Pilot?

Yes. Add the playlist to the show with the Add button on the Show pane. Once open in Viz Multiplay, the playlist updates dynamically, as it is changed in Viz Pilot.

Click the Add (+) button in the Show Pane to open an existing external playlist.

Can Viz Multiplay open a MOS rundown? What is the workflow?

Yes, you can add any external playlist to the show - so both the show and the added playlist(s) are available in Viz Multiplay. In this way the user can, for example, have a show with video wall presets and other more permanent elements, and add a MOS rundown or a Viz Pilot rundown to this show to make the MOS/Viz Pilot elements available too.

How do I run movie clips?

Simply click or tap them and they will either be armed or played directly on air.

Can we have live input in one of the monitors or across a group?

Yes. Custom scenes with a live input source must be created in Viz Artist and imported by Viz Trio as regular pages. These pages can be placed in the inbox show and then dragged into any channel.

Can I use a touch screen monitor in my live-to-air control room?

Viz Multiplay can easily be operated for playout on touch devices, but it is not advisable to do editing on them. We have found Firefox to have the best touch screen experience when using Viz Multiplay.

Can Viz Multiplay be controlled by Viz Mosart, VDCP, Viz Trio or Viz Pilot?

Not really. The Media Sequencer does not support detecting the last taken element per channel. This means that even though a playlist can be controlled by external triggering or a control client, Viz Multiplay will not detect elements taken on air, and the elements will not show up in the Program or Armed column.

Can Viz Multiplay be integrated into a Mosart workflow?

Ye. It requires some manual steps. Basically it is possible to create video wall presets in Multiplay and play them out as Pilot elements in a Mosart rundown. Contact Vizrt Support for more information.

Can we use Social TV as a source for Viz Multiplay?

Yes. Social TV creates regular Viz Trio pages in a show that can be opened or used as an inbox in Viz Multiplay, so the elements can be controlled by Viz Multiplay.

Do I need a Viz One to feed Viz Multiplay with clips and images?

We do recommend having a Viz One or a Media Service installed and configured on the Media Sequencer. It is also possible to use a Graphic Hub REST service as a source for images.