Viz Multiplay User Guide

Version 3.0 | Published October 23, 2020 ©

Installation and Configuration

This section covers:

Note: Media Sequencer must be installed on the computer hosting Viz Multiplay.

Note: Read the Video Wall Configuration section in the Viz Engine manual to ensure that your setup is working properly before considering the other required components. See the Release Notes for information and recommendations on components and versions.

Viz Multiplay Installer

Note: A Viz Multiplay licensed Media Sequencer dongle is required on the server machine. See Licensing below.

  • On the Media Sequencer machine, run the Viz Multiplay installer file VizMultiplay-[version].exe. This will install the core files for Viz Multiplay, including documentation, and will add shortcuts to the desktop and Start menu which point to the application’s URL.

  • The default installation location is: <MEDIA_SEQUENCER>\www\app\vizmultiplay, e.g. %ProgramFiles%\Vizrt\Media Sequencer\www\app\vizmultiplay.

  • The default location is recommended, but can be configured if required.

Note: Media Sequencer must be running before installation, since Media Sequencer acts as a web server for Viz Multiplay.


Viz Multiplay requires a Viz Multiplay-licensed Media Sequencer dongle on the server machine. If a valid license is not present, a warning message appears when the Viz Multiplay client is started, and every 20 minutes thereafter.