Pilot Data Server Administrator Guide

Version PDS-8.9 | Published November 17, 2022 ©

Use Cases

A Viz Pilot system has the following Pilot Data Server use cases:

  • Using the Timeline Editor. See the Timeline Editor section under Newsroom Integration in the Viz Pilot User Guide.

  • Using the Update Service. See the Update Script Editor under Template Wizard in the Viz Pilot User Guide.

  • Searching for and using images and videos from Viz One.

  • Using the person search from the Media tab.

  • Adding and updating Tag Settings. Tags are assigned to templates in Template Wizard, and then used in Viz Pilot News to organize templates.

  • Using the Crop Service. See the Using Crop Service section under Crop Service and Crop Tool in the Viz Pilot User Guide.

    Note: Crop Service requires a separate installer. See Crop Service Installation in the Installation section in the Viz Pilot User Guide.

  • Using the Pilot Data Server’s REST API to allow third-party systems to read and fill templates and data elements from the Viz Pilot database.

  • Configuring Order Management. See the Order Management section in Newsroom Integration in the Viz Pilot User Guide.

  • The Pilot Data Server exposes all the data needed by the Media Sequencer through its REST interface. It also provides Change Notifications using the STOMP protocol. It's possible to configure Media Sequencer to connect to the Pilot Data Server instead of the Pilot database (this requires Media Sequencer 4.0 or later).