Pilot Data Server Administrator Guide

Version PDS-8.9 | Published November 17, 2022 ©

Change Notifications

Change notifications are available through the REST API and the STOMP protocol on the Pilot Data Server.


A list of database changes ordered from most recent to oldest:

  • Located at http://pdshost:8177/changelog

  • Parameters:

    • startId: The ID of the least recent change, or -1 for no limit. Default is -1.

    • lastKnownId: The ID of the most recent change, or -1 for no limit. Default is -1.


In a Viz Pilot system, the text-based message Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP) is used to subscribe to change notifications from Graphic Hub REST and Pilot Data Server. STOMP provides push notifications of new changes.

  • Located at: stomp://pdshost:9876/?destination=/changelog&lastKnownId=-1

  • Parameters:

    • lastKnownId: Mandatory, should be the ID in the STOMP link that is provided by the REST API. For example, when the data stored in the Pilot database changes, a message is delivered to all of the STOMP clients that are subscribed to the server.

Note: The default change notification port for the STOMP protocol is 9876. Other services using this port may suppress the change notifications.