Search for templates and media using Find Graphics and Find Media


Selecting Find Media opens a panel where you can search for available videos and images.

Selecting Find Graphics opens a panel where you can search for available templates and previously saved data elements and library elements.

Basic Workflow

The basic workflow from a template to a data element ready for play-out is as follows:

  • Search for and open templates, data elements or media assets.

  • Search for resources using a variety of filter criteria.

  • Fill graphic templates with content using an auto-generated Fill In Form.

  • Preview graphics in the Preview Window.

  • Save the filled in graphic templates as data elements; they can also be saved in the library. Elements are stored in the Pilot Data Server.

  • Drag elements to a newsroom rundown where they will be available to Director for monitoring and play-out.

At startup, the graphics panel or the media search panel can be shown rather than the welcome page. Select Show this on startup at the bottom right corner of the desired panel:


The last setting is saved in the browser's local storage.


Click the Viz Pilot Edge logo images/download/attachments/58327262/image2017-4-28_13_4_22.png at the top left corner for information on the software version, and links to local documentation and third-party licenses.

Log Window

Use the shortcut Alt + 1 to display a log window that shows messages, warnings and errors.