Used as a newsroom component, Viz Pilot Edge is part of a bigger environment where the aim is to create, manage and deliver content to live and taped broadcast productions. Use Viz Pilot Edge to fill templates with content and store them as data elements. The data elements are then put into the rundown located in the newsroom system, where the rundown can be monitored and played out using Viz Pilot Director or other third party control applications.

Viz Pilot Edge can also be used as a Graphics Plugin user interface in NLE workflows.


Key features:

  • Search for graphics templates, data and library elements and media assets.

  • Add and edit content using an auto-generated Fill In Form.

  • Preview graphics.

  • Open and edit videos in the Timeline Editor.

  • Add, move or remove graphics in the video timeline.

  • Preview videos with graphics.

  • Save data elements to the database.

Related Documents

The Viz Pilot User Guide provides complete documentation of the Viz Pilot system.

The Template Builder is a tool for customizing Fill In Forms which can be used by Viz Pilot Edge.

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