Viz Pilot Edge User Guide

Version 1.0.3 | Published December 06, 2017 ©


Viz Pilot Edge follows the Pilot Data Server installation and opens as a web application in a browser.

The URL to access Viz Pilot Edge is:


Installation of Viz Pilot Edge for ActiveX based systems

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML based newsroom component. Some newsroom systems support plugin applications, but not HTML plugin applications. To run Viz Pilot Edge on these systems, installation of Show Edge is required, which is an HTML wrapper for systems that only support ActiveX based plugins.

Do the following to use the Show Edge installer:

  • The Show Edge installer is located below:


    - Run the Vizrt_Show_Edge-x.y.exe file on the client machine.

    - For remote installation on multiple machines the installation file including the --msi parameter must be used. This will create a sub-folder containing the .msi file. In the command line, run:

    Vizrt_Show_Edge-x.y.exe --msi

  • The URL to access Viz Pilot Edge is needed during the installation.

    - Type in the URL in the installer window that appears after running the .exe installer

    - For the MSI installation set the Viz Pilot Edge URL using the PE_URL property:

    msiexec.exe /i ShowEdge.msi "PE_URL=http://pds-host-name:8177/pilotedge"

  • If the MSI installation is used, the default install directory can be overridden with the parameter INSTALLDIR:

    msiexec.exe /i ShowEdge.msi "PE_URL=http://pds-host-name:8177/pilotedge" "INSTALLDIR=mypath"

  • Opening the Show Pilot Edge application from the start menu opens the configured URL in a browser window.

  • The URL can be changed by doing one of the following:

    - For the .exe installation, first uninstall and then re-install Show Edge. Type in a different URL in the installation window

    - For the MSI installation, an uninstall is not necessary to change the URL. Simply run with a different URL in the command line:

    msiexec.exe /i ShowEdge.msi "PE_URL=change_the_URL"

    - Run ShowEdge.exe with the desired URL parameter in the command line


To access help in the command window, run: ShowEdge.exe help