Viz Pilot Edge User Guide

Version 1.0.3 | Published December 06, 2017 ©

Find Media

Selecting the Find Media tab or icon in the welcome page, a dialog opens where the user can search for available media assets. At the top of this page a search bar is available. The user can also filter the search based on the time of publish and tags.

A preview of the media asset is available by right clicking it and select Preview.

Double click a media asset to open it.


The selected media will open in a a new window and from here it can be dragged directly to the newsroom system as is, using the Drag item to Newsroom button images/download/attachments/28377178/image2017-4-28_12_33_28.png .

In the case of video, the user has the ability to add or edit graphics on the timeline.

Add Graphics to Videos

Double clicking a video from the Find Media tab will open the video in a new window which consists of three main parts. As for the Find Graphics workflow the Fill In Form is at the left and the Preview Window is at the right. The new part here is the Timeline Editor located below the Preview Window, which offers basic functionality for video editing and managing of graphics within the Timeline Editor.

Clicking on the split-bar separating the two windows will collapse the left sidebar to make more space for the timeline. Clicking on the sidebar again will restore the two windows.

To add a graphic to the Timeline Editor click the Find Graphics tab while having the video open.


Find the desired graphic and drag-and-drop it into the Timeline Editor. To add more items do the same procedure again.


Use the drag-and drop functionality to add a graphic to a video. Unless there are unsaved changes, double clicking the graphic will replace the video view with the graphic view.

A warnings dialog will appear if there are unsaved changes.

In the example below two graphics are added to the Timeline Editor from the Find Graphics tab. Each of the graphics has its own graphics track. To edit the content of a specific graphic click on its graphics track and edit the content in the Fill In Form.


Viz Pilot Edge has basic support for Transition Logic scenes

Timeline Editor Functions

The Timeline Editor is located below the Preview Window. The Timeline Editor Functions allow the user to do basic edits to the video.

The Timeline Editor also serves as an overview of graphics added to the video.

Hover the mouse over the Timeline Editor buttons to get button and keyboard shortcut information.

Below is a list of the main areas:

  1. Adjust in and out point positions in the timeline

  2. Play/move frames

  3. Loop video, mute and information about keyboard shortcuts

  4. Graphic track: Move graphics to the desired position and adjust the timing of the graphic. Click the graphics track to add/edit content in the Fill In Form

  5. Area of the graphic tracks. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out

  6. Cursor: Drag to scrub the clip

  7. Lists the names of the different graphic tracks


The Timeline Editor supports several layers of graphics. This allows graphics to overlap and be played out correctly, as long as they are in separate/the right layer. The Timeline Editor will indicate a possible conflict by coloring the conflicting graphic tracks red.

In the example below an upper third graphic is placed in the Timeline Editor. This becomes in conflict with the live bug already present in the timeline editor resulting in both graphic tracks are colored red with a warning saying that the graphics are overlapping.



After opening a video it can be dragged into the newsroom as is using the Drag item to Newsroom button images/download/attachments/28377178/image2017-4-28_12_33_28.png .

If one or several templates are added to the video the element needs to be saved images/download/attachments/28377178/image2017-4-28_10_59_52.png before it can be dragged to the newsroom. This saves the video together with the graphics. If the graphics element is an already saved element, any changes made to it are saved.


The save as functionality, images/download/attachments/28377178/image2017-4-28_12_32_5.png , is not an option for video with graphics since Viz One does not support saving multiple timelines for the same video.