Graphics Plugin User Guide

Version 2.3 | Published September 14, 2023 ©

Viz Trio

If Viz Trio NLE has been selected in the Configuration Tool, the following Viz Trio window opens:


Select a graphics template by double-clicking it in the Page List. The graphic will open in the Side Editor where it can be edited and previewed in the window below:


When your graphics is ready to be used in your NLE system, click the Save As NLE button to avoid overwriting the page: images/download/thumbnails/72089713/image2018-11-1_13-44-32.png

The graphics will be given a new Page ID.

Click Save and render in NLE images/download/thumbnails/72089713/image2018-11-1_13-44-50.png . Viz Trio closes and the graphics appear in your NLE system.

For more information on how to use Viz Trio, please see the Viz Trio User Guide.