Graphics Plugin User Guide

Version 2.3 | Published September 14, 2023 ©


Typical Workflow

A typical workflow starting with scene and template design, and ending with video rendering and playout consists of the following steps:

  1. A graphics designer creates a scene in Viz Artist.

  2. The scene is either added as a template to a Viz Trio show or created as a template to use with Viz Pilot in Template Wizard.

  3. An editor or a journalist edits a video using an NLE system.

  4. The video clip is rendered and saved to a shared file server or a Media Asset Management (MAM) system, such as Viz One.

  5. Once the file is saved or posted to the MAM system, it can also be added to a playlist for playout on Viz Engine.

The Basic Graphics Plugin Workflow

  • Import video -> Import graphic -> Move graphic to video


While third party NLE workstations have different ways of importing and inserting graphics into a video, Graphics Plugin itself has the same interface across all third-party programs. See the respective sections below for more on using Graphics Plugin with specific programs.