Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin Release Notes

Version 3.1 | Published May 12, 2022 ©

Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin Release Notes

Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin 3.1

Release Date: 2022-05-11

These are the release notes for the Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin version 3.1.


This plug-in is for use with:

  • Avid MediaCentral® | Command 2020.9.2 or higher.

  • Viz Pilot Data server 8.8.0 or higher.

  • Viz Preview Server 4.5 or higher.

  • Media Sequencer version 5.4.0 or higher.

This plug-in has been tested with the following versions:

  • Avid MediaCentral® | Command 2020.9.2

  • Viz Pilot Data Server

  • Viz Preview Server 4.5.0

  • Viz Trio

  • Viz Pilot

  • Media Sequencer 5.4.0

  • Viz Engine/Artist version: 4.4.1

Changes and new features

This version of the plug-in has the following new features and bug fixes compared to the 3.0.2 version:

  • There is added support for HTTPS TLSv1.2 in this version. Internally all the HTTP communication is now using Apache HttpComponents instead of Apache Abdera. Jira ticket MSE-8348.


When Using Star CG Syntax

  • Using a combo template with an external id does only support layers with one state. That is:

    • If the layer has more than one choice that is non-empty, the layer is ignored.

    • If the layer has only one choice which is non-empty, this choice is selected.

Known Issues

When Using Star CG Syntax

  • No default values are present for star CG elements with no input data.

    Example: If the following external template v1003 has two input text fields where default values have been set in Viz Content Pilot, then the syntax *CG v1003 gives a data element with empty values. (MSE-3966, VCP-2320)

  • Continue count is not supported for star CG elements based on Trio templates.

  • Restrictions on template identifiers recognized by the Avid MediaCentral® | Command system (MSE-4900).

    • When the configuration setting Use template name as an identifier for Viz Pilot CG elements is on, the identifier for the external template is the “Description” field of the external template given in Pilot Template Manager.

    • The integration with Avid MediaCentral® | Command has restrictions for the characters in the identifiers. This has to be enforced by the user.

    • Characters that do not work: forward slash, backward slash, full stop.

      Note: iNews only accepts template identifiers being one word. Templates not following these rules might not be recognized by the Avid MediaCentral® | Command system.

    • For a template identifier containing the character full stop (“.”) the template will not work, and in addition to loading, such a template into the inventory causes problems to the inventory. This plug-in, therefore, filters out templates with such identifiers.

    • For Trio CG templates: Viz Artist disallows the mentioned characters in scene names.

Vizrt Plug-in Settings

  • Plug-in settings do not support Thai, Bengali, or Hindi. The problem is related to the environment run by Avid MediaCentral® | Command.

Standalone Playlists and Shotbox

This is not supported.

Other Known Issues

  • The following described issue applies when the config setting Enable initializing of a playlist or item in a playlist is not selected. The issue can be resolved in Avid MediaCentral® | Command (MSE-5670).

    • When the user right-clicks on a graphic element in Avid MediaCentral® | Command, the options for initialization are available. These options are also available in the Main Menu (Playlist > Graphics > Initialize Item/ Initialize Playlist).

  • Resource handling of rundowns from Avid iNEWS: If rundowns are not unloaded after use, or they are unloaded when the corresponding playlist is locked in Avid MediaCentral® | Command, the Vizrt graphics used in such rundowns will remain in the playlist held by Media Sequencer. This represents a resource leakage. A workaround for remove of such dangling elements is to delete the Pilot playlist created by Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin and restart Media Sequencer and restart the Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin.

  • Sometimes the user can experience missing thumbnail updates in Avid MediaCentral® | Command client. A workaround is to resize the column that shows the thumbnails.


Documentation for the Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin is available at the Vizrt Documentation Center:


Support is available at the Vizrt Support Portal.