Viz Trio Release Notes

Version 4.0 | Published November 11, 2022 ©

Viz Trio Release Notes

Viz Trio 4.0.0

Release Date: 2022-06-09

These are the release notes for Viz Trio version 4.0.0. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been done to the software since release 3.2.6.


Trio 4.0 and Datacenter 1.0 require a WIBU software license.

Main improvements

The main improvements in this version are:

  • A full upgrade of the internal code producing a 64 bit application (TRIO-4725).

  • New design with a modern look (TRIO-5086).

  • A floating and dockable window system in the left side of the GUI (TRIO-4725).

  • Datacenter for live data without scripting or complex scene design (TRIO-4927).

  • Support for editing Pilot elements in Pilot Edge directly from Trio. This requires Pilot Edge 2.3.0 or above (TRIO-4847).

Improvements and New Features

  • New and improved installer (TRIO-3504).

  • Tab field list is hierarchical and sortable (TRIO-4975).

  • Support creation of superchannel viz- and video handlers (TRIO-5516).

  • Added possibility to configure the Media Sequencer to user a Pilot Data Server (TRIO-5006).

  • Added an experimental scene import browser based in Graphic Hub REST. Enabled with the command settings:set_setting new_scene_importer true and restart Trio (TRIO-4974).

  • Scene creation and updated time and date added in the experimental scene import browser(TRIO-4865).

  • The setting "Create page icons from preview when saving Trio pages" has been reintroduced (TRIO-4917).

  • Added possibility to set a playout delay to viz handlers. This is useful in VR/AR scenarios (TRIO-5022).

  • New macro command page:save_thumbnail to explicitly save a thumbnail of the current content of the preview renderer (TRIO-4917).

  • New macro command show:set_concept_for_all to set the concept for the pagelist and the playlists (TRIO-3518).

  • Improved the VDCP configuration dialog to support the full feature set of the Media Sequencer VDCP functionality (TRIO-4925).

  • Added possibility to configure VDCP over Ethernet (TRIO-4918).

  • Support ConnectVTWEvent in Trio VTW script API (TRIO-4928).

  • Support contributor name in Atom feed linking (TRIO-4447).

Fixed Issues

  • OnDelete event is not called in show scripts (TRIO-3729).

  • Saving a new page with Autopreview on, causes flashing and often warning (TRIO-3815).

  • Error from Viz Engine during import of scene: invalid sublocation *#-1*DATA (TRIO-3899).

  • The selected element in the pagelist/playlist loses its channel assignment when changing profile (TRIO-3773).

  • Channel is not updated in the combo box after modifying the channel name (TRIO-2890).

  • Crash on startup if TEMP variable contains rubbish (TRIO-4153).

  • Crash when importing settings and importing an old show archive (TRIO-4437).

  • Dropdown opens on main screen if Trio is running on screen not being main (TRIO-3454).

  • "X" button is disabled in the Export Show dialog (TRIO-4453).

  • Export Trio show from the Open Show dialog Access Violation (TRIO-4452).

  • Exception on switching focus between newly created page views (TRIO-4467).

  • Sometimes when attaching to a running Viz Engine as local preview the preview turns white (TRIO-3765).

  • The command page:change_channel could not accept channels with space (TRIO-5222).

  • Access Violation when taking a page after running a specific show script (TRIO-5087).

  • No tooltip over the error symbol in the Available column (TRIO-4114).

  • Renaming pages with space in the name caused an error (TRIO-5598).

  • The option "Assign a new channel for this element only" did not change the channel in the auto change dialog box (TRIO-5098).

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • As the Trio application now is 64 bit, so will the OLE DB drivers for the Data Connection need to be. These drivers are installed with MS Office 64 bit, but can also explicitly be installed from

  • Removed support for time code reader hardware like PCL PCI D from Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering (TRIO-3498).

  • Removed macro commands show:run_show, show:set_timing_handler, show:get_all_timing_handlers and show:get_timing_handler (TRIO-3498).

  • Removed VOS Oracle picture database functionality. This will be replaced with an alternative in future versions (TRIO-2297).

  • Removed macro command gui:create_new_show (TRIO-5291).

Known Issues

  • Classic and Inline map editors are unavailable in this version. Only Second Edition is available (TRIO-5116).

  • Running gui:read_page_following_last_taken might fail if the active view is a page view not containing the last taken page (TRIO-4606).

  • Still elements with images from Graphic Hub might be filtered out from page views wrongly (TRIO-4607).

  • Parent tab fields will show in non-expert mode even if all child properties are hidden (TRIO-5661).

Hardware Requirements

In general, Viz Trio hardware requirements should match the hardware requirements for a preview version of the Viz Engine. See Viz Engine release notes for supported hardware.

Software Requirements

Recommended Versions

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10


  • Viz Engine 4.4.1

  • Viz One 7.3.2

  • Graphic Hub 3.6.0 (optional with Graphic Hub REST 2.6.0)

  • Media Sequencer 5.4.0

  • Pilot Data Server 8.9.0

  • Pilot Edge 2.3.0


Documentation for Viz Trio is available at the Vizrt Documentation Center:


Support is available at the Vizrt Support Portal .