Viz Trio Release Notes

Version 3.2 | Published May 27, 2021 ©

Viz Trio Release Notes

Viz Trio 3.2.6

Release Date: 2021-05-27

These are the release notes for Viz Trio version 3.2.6. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been done to the software since release 3.2.5.

Fixed Issues

  • Introduced an emergency fix for making GPI client side trigging work on MSE versions higher than 4.0. Start Trio with the -fix_gpi command line parameter (TRIO-4916).

  • The target show in the VDCP configuration is now shown in the GUI after restarting Trio (TRIO-4913).

  • Image widgets in VTW template now support URLs when the template is hosted in Trio (TRIO-4923).

  • The correct Viz command is now sent when clearing the local renderer before opening the video editor (TRIO-4907).

Viz Trio 3.2.5

Release Date: 2021-03-18

These are the release notes for Viz Trio version 3.2.5. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been done to the software since release 3.2.4.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed that descriptions of table rows are visible when a table is opened inside both pages and templates (TRIO-4767).

  • Fixed a crash when a Viz Trio show was imported from a folder with read-only permissions (TRIO-4745).

  • Added a command line parameter -hide-auto-login that hides the Auto login option when starting the Viz Engine preview (TRIO-4852).

  • Changed the VCP DB connection to allow namespace handlers in MSE to monitor inserts in addition to updates (TRIO-4851).

  • Re-added menu item Move Pages To Group on the page list (TRIO-4843).

  • Preview of snapshot images is now re-enabled from the Load item on the context menu of the image thumbnails (TRIO-4823).

  • Prevent error messages from appearing when closing the maps editor, when the Viz World client is not installed (TRIO-4784).

  • Prevent crashes when closing the Edit Alternatives dialog box in the Templates list (TRIO-4744).

  • Re-introduced the macro gui:find to allow page search without mouse interaction (TRIO-3889).

Viz Trio 3.2.4

Release Date: 2020-06-15

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • The Viz Trio macro port can be configured through the command line parameter -macro-port (TRIO-4710).

  • Fields in the Auto description of pages are now sorted by the field identifier (TRIO-4695).

  • Boolean values in the Auto description of pages have been moved to the end of the description (TRIO-4718).

  • Added support for image prefix of ControlImage inside ControlList (TRIO-4730).

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where some pages remained highlighted after mouse dragging (TRIO-4050).

  • The local Viz Trio Viz Engine preview does not flash black between opening of scenes (TRIO-4719).

  • It's once again possible to scrub the preview along the timeline using an external Viz Engine as preview, with the -viewpreview parameter (TRIO-4626).

  • Viz Trio handles a negative value when scaling is exposed in ControlImage. This prevents a crash during scene import (TRIO-4722).

  • Viz Trio no longer creates empty log files in the wrong location (TRIO-4709).

Known Issues

  • In scripts, using page:saveas and page:change_description in quick succession fails to change description.
    The workaround is to change the description twice in the script. First to something different, then to the actual description (TRIO-4724).

Viz Trio 3.2.3

Release Date: 2019-10-15

Fixed Issues

  • Viz Trio now utilizes custom Viz One credentials configured in Media Sequencer's VME handler for retrieving the asset storage list from Viz One. Thus the default credentials vizmse/vizmse can be overridden also for Viz Trio (TRIO-4697).

  • Fixed an error message that could end up on air after taking a snapshot (TRIO-4693).

  • Fixed that saving a page while editing a row of a table would revert a custom channel set on the page (TRIO-4689).

  • Fixed that importing scenes with certain Unicode characters would cause internal errors in Viz Trio (TRIO-3924).

  • Fixed that client GPI actions have not been executed in Viz Trio (TRIO-4688).

  • Added support for automatically authenticate mirrored Viz One servers for loading proxy videos in Viz Trio's preview (TRIO-4635).

  • Fixed an issue that could build up memory usage in Media Sequencer 5.x (TRIO-4320).

  • Fixed crash when opening VTW templates made in Template Wizard 8.4 or newer (TRIO-4696).

Known Issues

  • Interactive scenes (triggering of Viz scripts using mouse) only works when Viz Trio is run in Administrator mode on Windows 10 (TRIO-4683, TRIO-4700).

Viz Trio 3.2.2

Release Date: 2019-05-31

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • The "Save to XML" menu point has been reintroduced (TRIO-4675).

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed slow opening of the Graphic Hub image browser (TRIO-4673).

Viz Trio 3.2.1

Release Date: 2019-04-12

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed that trio:takeout_last_taken_page causes an internal error when the last taken element was a template (TRIO-4647).

  • Fixed that exporting selected pages with missing template from a show causes an internal error (TRIO-4646).

  • Fixed that the OnRead script event was not triggered for template scripts if the template was read instead of a page for that template (TRIO-4648).

  • Fixed that pages which are lacking a template in the show are indicating an error with a hint about the missing template (TRIO-4658).

  • Included name and state in addition to description of a combo template element when hovering the mouse over it to always display long names (TRIO-4639).

  • Fixed that upgrading from an older Viz Trio installation could end up in an installation with missing files where Viz Trio would fail to start up (TRIO-4662).

Viz Trio 3.2.0

Release Date: 2018-07-04

These are the release notes for Viz Trio version 3.2.0. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been made to the software since release 3.1.1.

New Features

  • Added support for import of Viz Engine archives (.via files) (TRIO-1361).

    • Implemented automatic re-import of templates that are affected by scene changes (TRIO-4524).

    • The template list shows progress of both the archive import and the template re-import process (TRIO-4497).

  • Added support for exporting a Viz Trio show archive for only the selected pages (partial show archives) (TRIO-4330).

    • All dependencies of the selected pages including templates, scenes and scripts are added to the archive (TRIO-4543).

    • Importing partial show archives will automatically cater for adding the content to the current show (TRIO-4577).

System Requirements


  • Windows 7

  • MS .NET Framework 4.5.2

  • Media Sequencer 3.0

  • Viz Engine 3.3


  • Viz One 6.0 (recommended), Viz One 5.10 (minimum)

  • Preview Server 4.2 (recommended), Preview Server 3.0 (minimum)

Not Supported

  • Windows Vista

  • MS .NET Framework 4.0

  • Viz Engine 3.2

A specific version and service pack of an operating system will not be supported after the official Microsoft support end date. This is the end date of support from Vizrt. Earlier support end dates are announced in release notes for new versions of our software.

Note : There may be different supported operating system versions for the Viz Engine and/or Media Sequencer. Please refer to separate release notes from these program packages.

Removal Notes

  • The Designer in Viz Trio will be discontinued from the next major version.

  • Directly accessing Object Store databases will be replaced by Pilot Data Server connections from the next major version.

  • Automatically running a show based on the begin time of elements will no longer be supported from the next major version.

  • During scene import Viz Trio changes the name of the container holding the first top-level ControlObject plug-in to "object" and saves the scene. This behavior will be removed from the next major version.

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • The Viz Engine for the local preview gets now launched with -u1 as start-up parameter (TRIO-3655).

  • Viz Trio is now able to handle format changes for formatted text specification (TRIO-4476).

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed that loading of a show on the local preview also takes transition logic background scenes into account (TRIO-4021).

  • Fixed that the OnRead script event for template scripts was called twice (TRIO-3397).

  • Fixed that reading of master templates using callup code and macro commands did not work (TRIO-4092).

  • When loading a single page from XML into a sub-sub-group other pages in that group might be erased (TRIO-3850).

  • Changed that after saving a new page with short-cut keys the focus moved to the pagelist (TRIO-3974).

  • Fixed that reading a video element with NUM pad did not reset the callup edit field when typing the next callup code (TRIO-3429).

  • Fixed that selecting a transition logic element with variants resets the current variant to the default one (TRIO-4157).

  • Introduced fall back to the selection of the main pagelist for some selection-based commands if the current page view has an empty set of selected elements (TRIO-4192).

  • Avoided moving the keyboard focus from the page editor if reading a page automatically selects the next page in the list (TRIO-4202).

  • Fixed trying to import the video transition scenes when running the local preview externally (TRIO-4230).

  • Better error messages for nle:open_page and nle:read and fixed a race condition which could lead to an error (TRIO-4240).

  • Disabled the save button in NLE mode when a template is read (TRIO-4274).

  • Stopped pre-filling the password in the Graphic Hub login dialog if auto-login is off (TRIO-4301).

  • Fixed an error when exporting a different show when a page was read (TRIO-4422).

  • Fixed the template name of graphic elements disappearing when the template is deleted (TRIO-4376).

  • Fixed an error when importing a scene with field identifiers that only differ in casing (TRIO-4477).

  • Fixed an error when using transition logic and reading a page with a table tab-field where the page had fewer rows than the master template (TRIO-4544).

  • Fixed that running a show based on the begin time of elements was broken (TRIO-4088).

  • Fixed that field linking with structured content did not work for combo templates (TRIO-4290).

  • Fixed that running an empty playlist reported an error (TRIO-4487).

  • Fixed that thumbnails in the playlist did not show for elements with Unicode characters on some systems (TRIO-4396).

  • Fixed that double clicking the description field of an element sometimes froze Viz Trio (TRIO-4442).

  • Made Viz Trio more robust against invalid page data that doesn't match its current template's data scheme (TRIO-4534).

  • Resolved confusing playlist states regarding MOS activation and monitoring activation by the Media Sequencer (TRIO-4516).

  • Added a new command vtwtemplate:invoke_function which passes the parameters in the correct order. Kept the command vtwtemplate:run_vtw_function with the reverse parameter order for backward compatibility. But it is deprecated now (TRIO-4549).

  • Fixed that updating the auto-generated description of pages sometimes failed (TRIO-4576).

  • Fixed an error when export a different show than the current one (TRIO-4586).

Known Issues

  • When running Media Sequencer 5.x together with Viz Trio 3.2 data structure nodes might not free their memory and thus lead to memory leaks in the Media Sequencer (TRIO-4320).

  • When changing the current profile will the page list activate automatically in the new profile even if the setting for that behavior is switched off (TRIO-4591).

  • When importing a scene with special emoji characters the import process might fail (TRIO-4589).

  • Running gui:read_page_following_last_taken might fail if the active view is a page view not containing the last taken page (TRIO-4606).

  • Still elements with images from Graphic Hub might be filtered out from page views wrongly (TRIO-4607).


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