Viz Ticker Release Notes

Version 4.0 | Published June 29, 2021 ©

Viz Ticker 4.0.0

Release Date: 2021-06-29

These are the release notes for Viz Ticker version 4.0.0. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been done to the software since release 3.1.0.


The most important changes in this version are:

  • Ticker Web Client: Companion app for remote access to the Viz Ticker system.

  • Ticker OneBox: For running multiple output channels from a dual/quad Viz Engine.

  • End-of-Carousel actions: For chaining actions at the end of carousels.

System Requirements

Viz Ticker system consists of:

  • Viz Ticker Client

  • Viz Ticker Web Client

  • Viz Ticker Wizard

  • Viz Ticker Feed

  • Viz Ticker Service

The Viz Ticker system requires the following minimal software versions in order to operate:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

  • Media Sequencer 2.0 or later. Please avoid using Media Sequencer 3.1.0 because of a known issue with the background scene reference in that version.

  • Viz Engine 3.9 or later.

  • Graphic Hub 2.3.1 or later

  • Graphic Hub REST 1.1 or later. Graphic Hub REST 2.0 (or later) is required for the VTW image search functionality.

Note: Graphic Hub REST is only required if message templates are using tab-fields pointing to Graphic Hub resources or if using the VTW image search functionality with Graphic Hub as search provider storage.

Viz Ticker software is 32-bit. It can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Operating systems that have reached their end-of-life cycle and are no longer officially supported by their manufacturers, are not supported for use with Viz Ticker.

System Requirements for Viz Ticker OneBox

The Viz Ticker OneBox system requires the following versions of Viz Engine:

  • 3.14.5 or above on the 3.x release line, or

  • 4.3.0 or above on the 4.x release line

If OneBox is not enabled, see the requirements above.

Viz Ticker Web Client

New Features

  • Added in this release. The Viz Ticker Web client is a companion app used for remote connection to the Viz Ticker system. It is installed and hosted on the Media Sequencer (TICK-1764).

Viz Ticker Client

New Features

  • Visually indicate whether End-of-Carousel actions are enabled (TICK-1718).

  • Allow user to turn on or off End-of-Carousel actions (TICK-1515).

  • Allow editing the playlist element description (TICK-1425).

  • Added a Viz Ticker Web Client companion app (TICK-1764).

Fixed Issues

  • Deny browse up is ignored when browsing for images in templates (TICK-1780).

  • Image browsing in a template fails if there are additional root folders on Graphic Hub (TICK-1781).

  • Button group caption with ampersand displays incorrectly in carousel tab (TICK-1639).

  • Playlist displays wrong begin time or end time if long time pattern is not hh:mm:ss tt or h:mm:ss tt (TICK-1227).

  • Wrong auto generated element description for sub-fields template using a VTW presentation file (TICK-1147).

  • Spell check option is visible when using a VTW presentation file (TICK-643).

Installation and Upgrading

  • The previous version of Viz Ticker Client must be uninstalled before the new one is installed.

  • Viz Ticker Client 4.0.0 only works towards a setup generated, or upgraded, by Viz Ticker Wizard 4.0.0.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Most changes that are made using Viz Ticker Wizard/System-Tool while Viz Ticker Client is running are not reflected in Viz Ticker Client until it is restarted. Furthermore, some change might cause Viz Ticker Client to crash. It is recommended to terminate Viz Ticker Client before making changes in Viz Ticker Wizard/System-Tool.

  • Viz Ticker Client allows loading data that has been exported from a previous version without giving any warning. However, this causes the data in Viz Ticker system to be incorrect. To upgrade data from previous versions, please use the upgrade functionality provided by Viz Ticker Wizard/System-Tool.

  • Viz Ticker Client allows the user to open, view and edit messages controlled by Viz Ticker Feed. However, there is no point changing the data manually as the messages are overwritten on the next Viz Ticker Feed update. Furthermore, Start/End time may show incorrectly in the UI when setting the begin/end elements in the Viz Ticker Feed source XML since the UI can only be used to visualize certain begin/end combinations.

  • In the rundown of a carousel, it is possible to set a message to play-out next on a particular output channel. When using Set as Next the Ticker System should be ON for the chosen Output Channel. Otherwise, the Set as Next is ignored when the carousel is later switched on (TICK-22).

Viz Ticker Wizard

New Features

  • Added support for dual/quad Viz Engines driven by one Viz Ticker Service (Viz Ticker OneBox) (TICK-1756).

  • Added support for End-of-Carousel actions (TICK-12).

Changed or Removed Functionality

  • Removed Debug option that is no longer used from the Advanced GPI Settings in the GPI panel (TICK-100).

Fixed Issues

  • Scene path not updating in the Media Sequencer when replacing a template with the same name but different scene path (TICK-1851).

  • Error when selecting a flipping carousel template scene containing Control Video plug-in (TICK-1870).

  • Error message not showing properly in Edit Search Providers table (TICK-1713).

Installation and Upgrading

  • The previous version of Viz Ticker Wizard must be uninstalled before the new one is installed.

  • The previous versions of Viz Ticker systems that are supported for the upgrade are 1.1, 1.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1.

  • It is not possible to downgrade after upgrading. It is recommended to back up your existing setup before performing the upgrade.

  • All messages previously fed from Viz Ticker Feed are removed during the upgrade.

  • Upgrading from 2.3: When upgrading setups with multiple channels where TTL is enabled, the TTL feature is enabled for one channel only. If a channel named Main exists, this is chosen. Otherwise, the channel choice is arbitrary. The chosen channel is available as a setting in the Viz Ticker Wizard.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • It is recommended to close Viz Ticker Client before making changes to the Viz Ticker System Standard using Viz Ticker Wizard. Examples of such changes are importing scenes, creating/changing carousels, templates, output channels etc..

  • It is recommended to close both Viz Ticker Client and Viz Ticker Wizard when making changes to the Viz Ticker System Standard using Viz Ticker System Tool.

  • The program may crash if you rapidly import two or more scene templates using individual drag and drop.

  • It is recommended to use alphanumeric characters for names and captions (such as carousel, GPI, buttons).

  • Performing system operations such as archiving (export/import), upgrading and deletion on setups with custom logic are not expected to work. If the party installing the system has manually modified the data in Media Sequencer, the system operations may fail or give an unexpected result.

Viz Ticker Service

New Features

  • Added support for OneBox output channels. This means that the Viz Ticker Service can talk to multiple Viz Engines on the same host (TICK-1756).

  • The Viz Artist scroller plug-in can be configured to notify when a message leaves the screen. When the condition is met, Viz Ticker Service sends out an event for every element over the TickerTalk protocol. The format of the event is * group_at_end_marker {group_id} {carousel_id}. This event is used in the new End-of-Carousel action feature.

System Requirements

Viz Ticker Service is a 32-bit application. It can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It has been tested with the software mentioned above on Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, it is expected to run fine on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as well. To run Viz Ticker Service on Windows 10 it is required to run with administrator privileges:

  • Console Mode: Right-click TickerService.exe and select Run as administrator. Alternatively, select Properties > Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator to always run it with administrator privileges.

  • Service Mode: Make sure the command line has administrator privileges (Run as administrator) and start the service as usual.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • This version of Viz Ticker Service only works with Viz Ticker plug-ins that are distributed with Viz Engine 3.6.3 or later.

  • Since Viz Ticker Service buffers the upcoming rundown message, any changes to that message is not reflected on the renderer until the next playout loop.

Viz Ticker Feed

New Features

  • Added support for End-of-Carousel actions as the mandatory last group in the playlist (TICK-1493).

Viz Ticker Feed XML Data Structure

The XML format used for feeding data into a Viz Ticker carousel has not been changed since Viz Ticker Feed version 2.4. Thus, Viz Ticker Feed version 4.0.0 continues to support the <tickerfeed version="2.4">.


Documentation for Viz Ticker is available at the Vizrt Documentation Center:


Support is available at the Vizrt Support Portal.