Viz Pilot Edge Release Notes

Version 1.4 | Published July 22, 2019 ©

Viz Pilot Edge 1.4

Release Date: 22.07.2019

New Features

  • When hosted from a Pilot Data Server, the most up-to-date installer for Show Edge is now available at http://PILOT-EDGE-URL/ShowEdgeInstaller.exe (VPE-2624)

  • The data element list now supports paging. There is a new "Show more" button at the bottom of the element list that will load the next 100 (or all remaining if less than 100) data elements. (VPE-2280)

Fixed Issues

  • In Pilot Edge in NLE mode, the OK button is no longer disabled for templates. (VPE-2458)

  • Having made changes to an open template, opening something else and clicking save changes in the dialog will now work as expected. (VPE-2435)

  • A graphic element edited in Pilot Edge can now be previewed in Adobe Premiere Pro. (VPE-2469)

  • When opening a corrupt element, the preview of the previously open one is no longer shown. (VPE-2477)

  • Many stabilization fixes for the experimental rich text editing feature. It can be enabled with URL parameter "?richediting". (VPE-2327)

System Requirements


There are no known hardware limitations for Viz Pilot Edge, other than requirements set forward by newsroom systems that are hosting the client.


If running Viz Pilot Edge inside a browser, the following minimum requirements apply:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 +

  • Chrome 64 +

  • Safari 11.0 +

Important Notes

  • If there are issues with Maps when running in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 +, remove "include all local sites not listed in other zones" and turn off "detection of intranet zones" in the IE11 policy settings. (VPE-2329)

  • In a setup where Pilot Edge runs in Show Edge in iNews, Show Edge needs to be updated to the latest version in order for the new rich text editor to work correctly. (VPE-2607)

  • If Preview Server is not updated to version 4.3.0 or above, preview of rich text will show incorrectly. Playout will not be affected.

Known Issues

  • Graphic elements in timelines created using the Pilot Edge plug-in in OpenMedia do not show up in Director's MOS playlist. (VPE-2193)

  • In Octopus 8, images of 4K resolution and above are not supported due to memory constraints. (VPE-2412)

  • In Octopus 8, keyboard navigation via TAB does not work reliably due to constraints in Octopus. (VPE-2615)