Mosart Web Applications Guide

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Mosart Web Applications Guide

  • Mosart Web Applications are value-adding utilities and plugins that simplify working with Viz Mosart.

  • Mosart Web Applications are not part of a standard Viz Mosart delivery.

The following Mosart Web Applications are available:


  • Collect the latest software bundle from Vizrt's customer FTP at
    by navigating to /
    products/VizMosart/Latest Version/WebApplications/.

Note: If upgrading, make sure an existing instance of the Mosart Web Applications Configuration Tool is not open.


The Mosart Web Applications bundle shall be installed on the Viz Mosart server.

  1. Run the downloaded file MosartWebApplications.Bundle-n.n.n.n.exe.
    The web applications that will be installed are listed.

    Note: The Installer places two applications on the local machine

    1. Vizrt Mosart Web Applications

    2. Vizrt Mosart Web Applications Configuration Tool

  2. Click Install.
    Any previously installed versions of the Mosart Web Applications are automatically upgraded.

  3. After successful installation, a Mosart Web Applications Configuration Tool automatically displays.

    Note: A desktop shortcut to Mosart Web Applications Configuration Tool is added by default.

  4. Port settings (optional)
    Where security policies restrict ports firewall ports, these are the necessary port numbers for Mosart Web Applications:

    1. Web Apps REST API
      http: 55142.
      https: 55143.

    2. Remote Control Service (Used by the Timing Display and Rundown Viewer)
      http: 55167.
      https: 55168.

  5. Follow the Configuration section to continue setup.

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