Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 1.5 | Published December 04, 2020 ©

Service Host Administrator Guide

Service Host is a component that abstracts the Windows Service layer. The Service Host operates with Service Host plug-ins that implement the services and functionality, while the Service Host itself manages Windows Service related operations, such as logging, on behalf of all plug-ins.

An example is the Control Mode plug-in. By default, it is registered as a Windows service named ServiceHost.control upon successful installation. Control Mode provides a REST interface and comes with a web-based user interface, and is used to operate the Service Host plug-in instances and installed Viz Engine instances.

The fastest way to get started with Service Host is:

  1. Install Service Host, see Install / Uninstall.

  2. Launch the web GUI of the Control Mode. After each launch of The Control Mode, a shortcut to the web GUI endpoint is updated under %ProgramData%/Vizrt/ServiceHost/ServiceHost.control. Open this shortcut with your favorite browser. A description of this web GUI is found under Control Mode.