Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 1.3 | Published August 14, 2019 ©

Service Host Administrator Guide

Service Host is a component that abstracts the Windows Service layer. The Service Host operates with Service Host plugins that implement the services and functionality, while the Service Host itself manages Windows Service related operations, such as logging, on behalf of all plugins.

An example is the Control Mode plugin. By default, it is registered as a Windows service named ServiceHost.control upon successful installation. Control Mode provides a REST interface and comes with a web-based user interface, and is used to operate the Service Host plugin instances and installed Viz Engine instances.

The fastest way to get started with Service Host is:

  1. Install Service Host, see Install / Uninstall.

  2. Launch the web GUI of the Control Mode. After each launch of The Control Mode, a shortcut to the web GUI endpoint is updated under %ProgramData%/vizrt/ServiceHost/ServiceHost.control. Open this shortcut with your favorite browser. A description of this web GUI is found under Control Mode.