Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 4.2 | Published December 04, 2020 ©

New in Viz Engine 4.2

Viz Engine is today’s most powerful real-time compositor used in the media industry. It renders animated 3D scenes in HD, UHD and beyond, utilizing any of three available pipelines. Viz Engine is much more than just a graphics renderer, it is the cornerstone of today’s most advanced media workflows.


Unified Input-Output for Viz Sport products

Viz Engine 4.2 now fully integrates with Vizrt Sport products like Viz Libero or Viz Arena.

  • Texture surface sharing over Shared Memory technologies.

  • Variable Input to Output delay

  • New Render sequence for Viz Arena

The amount of lights used per object has also been doubled, designers can now work with up to 16 lights of each type on their geometries.

Viz Engine 4.2 also comes with a lot of performance improvements, especially when handling In and Output surfaces like in Ultra HD workflows.