Viz Engine Administrator Guide

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Matrox DSX.Core


A DSX.Core is a software-only module allowing you to decode and encode clips or Matrox streams. DSX.Core is mainly used in virtual environments. The DSX.Core comes as USB Dongle (Matrox XCORE/USB) and a WIBU-based license. It supports the same codecs as a real hardware board.

DSX.Core mainly comes in two flavors:

  • DSX.Core /PR only allows decoding streams.

  • DSX.Core /P allows decoding and encoding.

There is also a demo version available. One license is valid for systems with up to 32 CPU cores (Logical and Physical CPU cores). Systems with 32-64 cores require two licenses, 64-96 cores require three licenses.

Example: A Workstation with two 10-Core CPUs can run with one license, if Hyper-threading is off, but requires two licenses if Hyper-threading is on.

To Install DSX.Core

Note: Make sure you start the installation with Administrator rights!

The installation consists of mainly two modules, the Matrox Topology utils and the WIBU Codemeter installation. Depending if you want to access the license(s) from multiple clients, you may want to setup a WIBU license Server.

  • Launch DSX-TopologyUtils.exe.


  • If you have a dedicated network server hosting all your DSX Core licenses, you need to choose Matrox DSX Core server to be installed on your network server and Matrox DSX Core Client on all your clients.

  • If the dongle is attached directly to your client machine, please choose Matrox DSX Core client.

Note: The demo flavor has its own installer: DSX-TopologyUtils_Demo.exe.

After the installation is done, make sure that if you are using a dedicated network server, the server is added in the Codemeter Server search list.


To Use DSX.Core with Viz Engine

On the Viz Engine side, there is nothing to configure, except to enable Matrox video board support. Once DSX.Core is installed, correctly, it is listed in the Matrox section of Viz Engine:

Depending on your setup, you may now use it to play back clips using Matrox codecs, use Matrox Streams or the ClipOut Channel.

Further information about DSX.Core is available at