Viz Content Pilot

Viz Content Pilot provides an optimal environment to create, manage and deliver high volumes of top-quality content to live and taped news, sports, election and other broadcast productions, independently of the design department.

Viz Content Pilot can serve as the core content control system for broadcasters that require speed, consistent look, and a streamlined workflow for their graphics and video content.

Graphics templates that are used in Viz Content Pilot are built in Viz Template Wizard. Vizrt’s superior 3D renderer, Viz Engine, is the output source for Viz Content Pilot driven graphics, video embedded in graphics and fullscreen video.

Viz Content Pilot has two main roles in the broadcast production line:

  • Content Creation: Viz Content Pilot provides a unique and easy solution for the creation of graphics and video content. Data can be entered directly into Viz Content Pilot, or through our Newsroom Integration using our Newsroom Component. Data can then be added to a playlist for playout automation.

  • Playout Automation: The playlist in Viz Content Pilot allows playout of graphics and video in a seamless way. Elements can be triggered in Viz Content Pilot’s user interface, through GPI or third party integrations. Playlists are typically created in newsroom systems or Viz Content Pilot itself, and can be monitored and played out using Viz Content Pilot or other third party control applications.

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