Curious World Maps has for years kept its position as the broadcast industry’s number one tool for the creation of branded 2D maps and geographic animations. Vizrt has taken the leading map creation tool to a new level by adding support for real-time 3D maps and adding the option to extend it to a client-server solution. Viz Curious Maps (CM) takes branded map imagery and provides it to different clients that are embedded within Vizrt’s control applications like Viz Trio and Viz Content Pilot. Templates created within CM can also be accessed by Viz Weather, through a newsroom plugin, Viz Artist, and even NLE systems.

This tight integration allows users to seamlessly create branded, animated maps and add them to graphic templates or insert them directly into a 3D scene.

The map-making capabilities of CM can be further expanded with different map data types in resolutions of up to 60 cm/pixel. High-resolution satellite imagery from around the world can instantly be browsed, download and incorporated.

Viz World Client (WoC) Integrates CM mapping ability and database into Viz Artist and Viz Engine graphics. By utilizing a set of geographic referencing plugins and the maps produced by WoC, the creation of location based graphics using maps, 3D objects, texts, and so on, is seamless.

WoC includes a set of Viz Artist plugins and the Viz World Maps Editor (WME). The editor is integrated into Vizrt products, simplifying production and control of the graphics.

Usage of WoC clients requires one or more Viz World Servers (WoS) installed, running and connected to the network. WoS is a software module used for creating template based maps and managing client requests. All the map styles, map projects and designs are stored on the server. The server’s license determines the number of concurrent client connections and the available data sets. For more information, please refer to other Viz Curious Maps and Viz World related user and administrator guides.

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