Viz Plug-in Release Notes

Version 4.3 | Published October 28, 2021 ©

Viz Plug-in Release Notes

Viz Plug-ins 4.3.1

Release Date: 2021-10-28

These are the release notes for Viz Plug-ins version 4.3.1. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been made to the software since release 4.3.0.

New Features


Changes: Plug-ins


  • STV_PlaylistReader has been re-integrated into the installer.

  • Wordcloud plug-in has been re-integrated into the installer.

Upcoming Changes

The following plug-ins will be removed in the next version of Viz Plug-ins:

  • TreeProps (Lineup)

  • Pablo (Tools)

  • Normal (Shaders)

Viz Plug-ins 4.3.0

Release Date: 2021-07-20

These are the release notes for Viz Plug-ins version 4.3.0. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been made to the software since release 4.2.0.

Information: Viz Weather plug-ins are not yet included and need to be installed separately by installing the latest released Viz Weather Version.

This document includes the Release Information for:

  • Viz Basic Plug-ins

  • Viz Extensions Plug-ins

  • DataPool Plug-ins

  • Socialize Plug-ins

  • PixelFX Plug-ins

  • Maps Plug-ins

Installer Notes


The Software ships with a bundle installer containing all necessary components. It is recommended to use the bundle installer when setup needs to be done manually.

  • The basic plug-ins are installed by default, all other plug-in packages are optional.

  • Softclip comes in 32-bit (default) and 64-bit versions. To use the 64-bit version, replace the file in \plugins with the one from the subfolder %ProgramFiles%\Viz3\plugin\disabled.

Upgrade Notes

  • The path for the DataPool related files has been set to %\ProgramData%\vizrt\VizEngine\DataPool.

Bug Fixes

Socialize Plug-ins Bug Fixes

1 issue


Changes: Plug-ins


VideoRenderer plug-in was removed and is no longer supported. Use the VFWRenderer post-render plug-in instead.


The following SocialTV plug-ins have been removed (since they are not required in the supported integration):

  • GroupsReader

  • MessagesReader

  • PlaylistReader

  • SourceEditor

  • SourcesReader

  • WordCloud


The following Dataproviders have been removed from the Maps Atlas plug-in:

  • Blom

  • My Radar

  • WDT

Upcoming Changes

  • Softclip DrawPixels BG will be removed in the next version of Viz Engine.

Known Issues

  • RTT Shaders consume about 300-400 MB of RAM once they are initialized. If you do not use them or if you don't own a license, it is recommended to disable the plug-ins in the configuration panel in section Plugins (VIZENG-10224).

  • Softclip: Lagarith Codecs are playing slower on Windows Server Operating Systems. This issue can be solved by enabling Use Multithreading option in Lagarith codec configuration.

  • The size of certain plug-ins with custom UI (like RealFX, TextFX) do not automatically fit into the new Viz Artist panels, they need to be resized manually.

Basic Plug-ins Known Issues

  • On Dual channel setups Browser Plug-in causes performance impacts on second or higher instance.

Socialize Plug-ins Known Issues

  • Viz Engine can't access mapped network shares on Windows 10 for security reasons. If media files are stored on a network share, please be sure to enable Network Linking in Viz Configuration (Local Settings).

  • Trio 3.x and Viz Artist (UI) do not have full Unicode support yet (e.g. not all Emojis can be set by these control applications).

  • VLC plug-in requires some additional steps:

Maps Plug-ins Known Issues

  • When freezing a Map including Pyramids in CWMClient, Hop scenes no longer work (VIZPL-45).

Supported Hardware and Software

This software has been tested to run on:

  • Windows 10 (LTSC 1809)

  • Windows Server 2019

Note: Only English Operating System(s) are supported.


Documentation for both Viz Engine and Viz Artist are available at the Vizrt Documentation Center:

Installation and Support


The installation wizard guides you through the installation process. Make sure to close any running Viz application prior to the installation. In order to run Viz Artist or Viz Engine independent of a database server, you need to install the Viz Graphic Hub database software locally.


Support is available at the Vizrt Support Portal.