Viz NLE is a plugin used to integrate Non-linear Editing (NLE) systems with Vizrt’s control applications such as Viz Trio and Viz Content Pilot’s Newsroom Component. The latest addition to the Viz NLE plugin is the Viz Connection Broker that enables all users to connect to a single point for graphics rendering.

Viz Connection Broker manages a pool of Viz Engines that allows clients to query it for a Viz Engine that matches their specific video mode. It also provides load balancing, video mode matching and can be used to create a redundant renderer pool.

Using the Viz NLE plugin enables an NLE-system user to add real-time rendered Vizrt graphics while editing video clips. This is basically done through a connection to Vizrt’s industry leading graphics renderer Viz Engine.

The Viz NLE plugin supports NLE systems on both Windows and Apple platforms, and integrates with Avid’s NLE suite and Apple’s Final Cut Studio. Though the versions are tailored to the specific platform, the overall setup and user interface remains the same.