Viz Multiplay


Viz Multiplay is a control application that is designed for controlling the increasing number of screens that are now present in studios. It can be used to take graphics, images or video clips on air to all the screens in the studio.

Viz Multiplay can control an individual screen or trigger content to multiple screens simultaneously. Screens of different resolutions and aspect ratios can be incorporated, allowing for a wide range of studio configurations.

Media elements can be graphics elements rendered by the Viz Engine, video clips, or SDI live inputs.

Viz Multiplay can be used in the control room in combination with Viz Trio to manage all the screens. It can also be used by a presenter, allowing them to drive the graphics or videos themselves. All instances of Viz Multiplay are linked, so users in the control room and studio can work together.

Viz Multiplay is built on top of the existing Vizrt infrastructure, so it can be used together with your other Vizrt applications and Viz Engine outputs.

The application itself is browser based, so it can run on any computer or a tablet, and has an easy-to-use interface. Viz Multiplay gives broadcasters a simple way to control studio screen content from a single interface.

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