System Diagrams

  • Viz Multiplay relies on Viz Trio to import graphics from a Graphic Hub. Shows from Viz Trio are available in Viz Multiplay.

  • Viz Multiplay is hosted on a URL on the Media Sequencer. Any number of Viz Multiplay clients can connect to the same Media Sequencer, which provides the scheduling for playout.

  • The Viz Engine(s) are used for playout:

    • The video wall feature means that multiple DVI outputs can come from a single Viz Engine. A Viz Engine can have up to 4 GPUs, each with up to 4 DVI outputs, giving a maximum of 16 DVI outputs. See the Release Notes for hardware requirements, and note that you should check the performance of your scenes when using this configuration.

    • Standard SDI based playout (with one Viz Engine for each output).

  • Viz Multiplay can also access the media assets stored in Viz One and Media Service.

  • Viz Multiplay can access and use templates in a Pilot Data Server.