Submitting a Support Request

When completing a Support Request, add as much information as possible.

Content of a Support Request

The report should contain information about these topics:

  • Problem description: Include a good description of what the problem is and how to reproduce it. Specify your workflow. Remember to use simple English.

  • Screen shots and illustrations: Use these to simplify the message. These are extremely useful for Vizrt Support.

  • Software configuration: Add exact versions of software used. This is extremely important information. The Version Information is available in the log.

  • System log files: Send the system log file. You can save your log file in the Logs pane.

  • System locale: Specify the Region and Language settings of the system.

  • Hardware configuration: Add exact versions of hardware used, especially for Viz Engine.


  • System setup: Describe differences in the installation, if any, from the recommended setup.

  • System Network: Add a description of how the network, bandwidth, routers, and switches are configured.

Always refer to your Vizrt Service Level Agreement document.

To submit a Support Request:
  1. On the page, click on Support.

  2. Click on Report a case.

  3. Click on LOG IN to login to the Customer and Partner portal.

  4. At the top of the Case Management page, click on Report a Case.

  5. In the online form complete the required minimum information (shown by a red asterisk) and click SAVE.

  6. In the saved Support Case that opens, complete the various text boxes and upload any required documents, files, etc. (see Content of a Support Request ).

To track the status of open support tickets, login to the Customer and Partner portal. Add information or communicate about the cases directly with the support team.