Key Features


The key features of Viz Multiplay are:

  • Multiple channel/output control

  • Anchor control

  • Display of video, graphics and still images

  • Multiplatform control

  • MOS support

  • Live video control

  • Dynamic shows

  • SD/HD/4K SDI and IP output

  • Integration with Viz Trio, Viz One, Media Service and Pilot Data Server

  • Touch-screen friendly for playout functions

  • Collaboration between users

New features in Viz Multiplay 2.0

  • Create and edit elements (control fields in graphics, images with animation effects, in and out marks on videos)

  • Viz Pilot support, making it possible to browse a Viz Pilot database and drag graphics directly into Viz Multiplay.

  • Filled presets controlling layout and content on a video wall in one click

  • Merge and control multiple video walls driven by several Viz Engines

  • External Viz Engine preview

  • Layout masking in the Video Wall Designer for walls with heterogenous screens

  • Multiple inboxes

  • Multiple search providers

  • DVI color correction on the GPU