Schedule Collector

The Schedule Collector and Playlist Importer are both installed together with Viz Multichannel, and communicates with automation systems regarding schedule updates.

Overall, the Schedule Collector communicates with the scheduling or the automation system, queries the current running automation-system’s schedule, and checks if anything is different from the last time queried. If a change is found, it creates an updated file for the Playlist Importer to update Viz Multichannel. The Schedule Collector then triggers the Playlist Importer to ingest the actual schedule.

As long as the system is configured correctly, Viz Multichannel can be down and the live update functionality runs (Media Sequencer and the Schedule Collector are necessary prerequisites).

Configuration varies slightly from one automation system to the next. In most cases, configuration can be done directly from the application. There are a few exceptions in which some parameters need to be changed directly in the .config file.

Configuration is usually done only once, allowing the Schedule Collector to simply work in the background afterwards; however, if you need to do changes simply stop it, configure it, and then start it again. The procedures for each automation system are outlined in turn.

Note: The Schedule Collector runs as a service. To start, stop, and configure the service use the system tray icon.

Before any configuration can take place you need to perform Installation and Startup. Once installed, and you have access to the system tray icon, you may configure your system. The following is a list of systems Viz Multichannel integrates with using the Schedule Collector:

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