Promo Server

Promo Server is a service process that enables efficient handling of page-filling and playlist data transfers, especially for cross-promotional purposes. Promo Server runs as a Windows service process. After installation and configuration you do not interact with the Promo Server directly as it neither requires nor have a user interface. You will use the Multichannel Client Configuration settings to configure server address of the Promo Server and direct Multichannel to use Promo Server.

Cross-promotion is typically used in scenarios where one or more channels in Viz Multichannel need to access information about events in other channels in order to fetch data that are used for page-filling. A typical example could be that the channel MUSIC needs to know what events are scheduled on channel MOVIES in order to answer such questions as “The Next event on channel MUSIC is program Foo while channel MOVIES now shows the film Bar”. Promo Server is a utility for handling such cross-channel questions.

In order to use Promo Server you will need to:

  1. Install Promo Server on a server. Preferably on a separate server for security and efficiency, but it could also be on a shared server.

  2. Configure Promo Server by editing the PromoServer.config configuration file. This step basically tells Promo Server: what are the channel names and what are the network address of the Media Sequencer servers handling these channels.

  3. Tell Viz Multichannel to utilize the Promo Server you are using by configuring and selecting it in Viz Multichannel’s configuration settings (ref. Settings > General Settings > Page Content Filling).

The details on how to do this are explained in the following sections.

This chapter contains information on the following topics: