Playlist Importer

The Playlist Importer includes all import logic of Viz Multichannel. The Playlist Importer can be run automatically by the Media Sequencer, or by the Schedule Collector.

The Schedule Collector will use the Playlist Importer to convert a schedule from e.g. an automation system to a native Media Sequencer playlist format using the mapping settings configured by the Viz Multichannel client.

When manually importing files from e.g. an scheduling system (i.e. when not using the Schedule Collector), you have the same process except that the Viz Multichannel client is the one initiating the import and conversion of the playlist using the Playlist Importer.

It is also possible to run PlaylistImporter “by hand”, but this is normally not recommended or necessary. The normal workflow is that Media Sequencer (MSE), Schedule Collector (SCC) or Multichannel runs PlaylistImporter automatically when needed.

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