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This section describes the structure and content of this User Guide.

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This section gives details on related documentation and how to contact Vizrt for Customer support. Details are also given for Customers to provide feedback on their Vizrt product.


This section introduces Viz Multichannel and its basic concepts. Some typical work-flows and important terms are defined. If you are new to Multichannel you should read this chapter to get an overview of the various software components that make up the solution.

Setup and Configuration

This section gives details about installation and configuration.


This chapter describes general requirements, such as hardware, software, access rights and policies.

User Interface

This chapter is a reference chapter for the main user interface.

Configuration Interface

This section describes the UI for the configuration interface.

Import Guide

This section describes the supported import modules and how to setup Viz Multichannel to import schedules and thereby create playlists.

Schedule Collector

This section describes how schedule collector can be used to ingest data to make playlists.

Playlist Importer

The Playlist Importer includes all major import logic of Viz Multichannel and is used to ingest data to build playlists.

Integrations Hub

The Integrations Hub provides a “REST” interface for services and components that integrates with Multichannel.

Page Content Filling

This chapter describes how pages (based on templates) can be filled with actual schedule data.

Promo Server

This chapter describes Promo Server, a service for efficient handling of page-filling and playlist data transfers.

Traffic Department Workflow

This chapter defines and describes tasks that are typically performed by the traffic department before handing control of the playlist over to the automation system in master control.

Master Control Workflow

This chapter defines and describes tasks that are typically performed by the automation system after control of the playlist has been handed over by the scheduling system in the traffic department.


This chapter describes logging and billing.

Scheduling System Integrations

This chapter introduces scheduling system integrations.

Automation System Integrations

This chapter describes how Multichannel interfaces to external automation systems.

Viz One Integration

This chapter describes how Viz Multichannel interfaces to the Viz One MAM system.

Preview Server

This chapter describes how Viz Multichannel can use the Viz Preview server application service for previews.


Various important appendix sections. For example information about upgrading Multichannel to newer versions.

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